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Changed My Makeup NAME and WHY??!!

Hey Love's!! SO as a lot of you may know that I've recently change my name From BLKBARBIEMKEUP to CrystaJLove..

Now i know a lot of you may want to know why?? Well i feel that with any growth of a person you have to let somethings go... My Name was one...I felt like with my name "BlkBarbieMkeUp it was Hindering my audience to one Race.. I want to be a Beauty Blogger for all Races...Plus to make fun of the sitiuation It was Hella Long!! LMAO so if you want to change up somethings for yourself you need to take a look at how somethings are around you... I Love my Name BlkBarbieMkeUp But lets face it i came up with that name when i was like 20 and I'm 29 now!! I've been beauty blogger for 9 years so its time to change somethings up!! I'm happy for that... Thanks for staying Loyal to me!!