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All About Those E/S Primers!!!!

Hey Barbz.... Well Todays Beauty Blogging is going to be About Eyeshadow Primers... If You Don't Know By Now Primers are the Base of An Eyeshadow Look... Primers Can Make Or Break Your MakeUp Look... In Meaning That You need a Primer to Secure Your Makeup Look For a Longer Lasting Look that Can Last 8 Hours Or More In the Follow Link CLICK RIGHT HERE!! That Link Will Send you Right Over to My Video on Primers.... If you have any Comments Leave Them Below...


Becoming a Beauty "Guru" Tips

Hey Dolls!! It's been a minute since I've posted something on my Blog Page>

One thing I really wanted to talk about was becoming a "Beauty Guru" ..
One thing for sure you must make time..
Time for Blogging/Vlogging.
Also its very important to have a Great Camera..
Defiantly invest in you a Great Camera Some of the Great Cameras are...

1. Canon T Rebel Series..I have the Canon T5I its an Awesome DSLR Camera.. It's a Bit on the Pricey Side But It's a Good Video Recording Camera and Picture Taking swell..

Another Good Camera Is the Sony A5100 Series.. I just ordered Mine from online and I'm waiting on it to come in the mail soon. I have Several Cameras. Though I've Been a Guru Since 09 So I'v Built My way up..I started from doing Video's from a Logitech Web Cam.. So I bought that It was about $100 Bucks From Best Buy.. Just Remember don't go broke trying to keep up with everyone else. Your Time Will Come.

2. Invest in some makeup it can be some Affordable makeup just to get things off and runnng.
Don't sleep on Drug store Brand Makeup Such as Wet'nWild , Jordana Just to name a Few.
Photo Cred:MakeupandBeautyBlog
Photo Cred: Tumblr

3. Blogging/Vlogging... You need to post Quite Frequently.. Something I need to tell myself..Since having my Son My Time is very Limited. I'm a Full-Time Mother,Worker and I go School Full time aswell. It's Hard to Balance The 3 But to add Makeup In the Middle its really Hard!!! .
But any who ...You defiantly want to post Regularly so you can attract more People to your page wether its Instagram,Twitter ETC.. Also Use HASHTAGS!! Using Hash tags and grow you aswell..

Well If you have any other comments..Comment in the Comment Section I would Happily Answer..