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All About Orange Collection

I was so Siked to see that MAC was Coming out With an Complete Orange Collection That included Blushes,Lipsticks and Nail Polishes. But I was even Thrilled that Mac was RE-releasing Flamingo Which I did Get My Fair Share of stock on LOL. But Heres What I got.

Flamingo- Which to me is a Pinky-Orange Love this Color for Everyday Looks. Very Gorge For the Spring and Summer

Tarte N Trendy Now I didnt Care for this Lippie At all Very Sheer Color not a Fav

Sushi Kiss- This is another Color that I absolutely Like again this is a Spring and Summer Collection

Sweet N Sour- Another Nice Color But for me this one was very light on my skin tone.

Riri Summer Collection

Now Originally I was only gunning for the Fall and Winter Collections, but when I found out that MAC Was only Releasing these Summer Riri Lippies this time only. I had to get them. Now my r
review on theses.
❤️Heaux-is a nice reddish-pink color although I'm not a big fan of this lippie I did get a Backup.  Overall I give this this Lippie 3/5 Only cuz it's a Riri lippie and the texture is so good and it's not over drying.
❤️Riri Boy- I love this lippie and this one is one of my favorite lippies out of the collections. It's a great light purple. It's a great color very neutral but still bold. I give this lippie a 5 out of 5.

Temperature Rising Haul

I'm just loving the packaging. This packaging is the most mature looking packaging that I've seen from M.A.C in along time. I mean I love it. But the lipsticks where not the best for me I only got 2 love the lippies from the Collection and 1 of  the lipglasses. Both blushes where nice for me. So that's why I got both. I'm verty proud how I didn't get alot of backs ups to one thing or 3 things like I normally do.

Updating Blog.

I'm gonna be updating my blog with all my recent Mac collections and other Collections. So don't be alarmed thanks.