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Riri Woo Review/ Haul

I'm really not that impressed with this Riri Woo Lippie At all. It's very Similar  to Ruby Woo. 
I gotta Say the Formula is Very, Very,Very Dry. If you Ladies Thought that Ruby Woo was Dry well. Ruby ain't got nothing on Riri. For as Color goes Riri is a Slight Deeper Red than Ruby But not that Far. You can Defiantly look in your Red Lippies and find a Close Match. Now MAC Did change up the Smell with this Lippie it's not so Vanilla Scented Smell like a mixed of Vanilla and Fruity Scent. Now Alot of Ladies will say Riri Woo is Close to Ronnie Red from Archie girls, Well ill let you be the judge of that.  
❤1.Ronnie Red is More Of a Pinker Red.
❤2. Ruby Woo is a Lil Bit More of a Lighter Red. 

So from a 1-10 rating. I give this Lippie at 4 1/2 reason why. Color is Close to other Colors Mac has Came out with and all 4 of my lippies had some type of deform on them one was dented etc.

RIRI Woo With and Without Flash!!
                                                                Ruby Woo & Ronnie Red


MAC Art Of The Eye Haul

Heres My Haul...Yea I did go a Lil Bananas on This Collection I got everything that I wanted ,Plus More..
Pictures Will be Below!! Thanks..alot.

Rimal Dahabia Palette
Masat AL Lail Palettte