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The New Archie Girls Collection By MAC

I'm So in Love with This Collection !! I think its my Favorite Collection Of Them All!!! I mean Really.... Im a Sucker For Packaging AnyWays so This Didn't Make It Any Better...LOL So Tell me What You Guys Think about This ..Collection There Hasn't Been and Exact Date Yet But We do Know Its in February .Now It looks Like To Me That This is A Valentines Day Collection So I'm Thinking More along The Lines The Week Of Valentines Day Which is.. On a Thursday and MAC always Release Their Collections on Thursday so I think This Would be a Perfect Time...SO here's the Pics That are not mine I got Them From Google..

                                          BoyFriend Stealer

Betty Bright

Something Sweet
BoyFriend Stealer Again With a Swatch
Heres One OF the Blushes

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