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Favorite MAC Fall / Winter Blushes

As alot of you guys may Know Fall is HERE ! Winter is Right Around The Corner. I Theres Nothing I like More Than Fall. So Heres a Glimpse at Some if not Most Of the Blushes I will Wear This Fall and Winter!! Some I'm already Wearing Currently. LOL So Here The Video!

1. Style Seeker Collection~ Hidden Treasure ( Satin Rust Read )
2. Style Seeker Collection~Worldy Wealth ( Gold Shimmer )
3. Heavenly Creature Collection~ Stratus ( Minerailze Shimmer Purple/ Gold)
4. Glamour Daze Collection ~ Small Vanity (Nude Light Shimmer )
5. MAC Office Hours Collection~ External Sun ( Nude Pro Long Wear)

                                                                                        Click Here For Video Link!

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