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Hey Ladies I'm Sure Everybody is all Excited About this Lip Color Its Fairly a Different Type Of Lipstick That I've Seen At MAC. How Ever I'm Really Into Different and Change...I Just Love This Lipstick a lot It Comes off Very Grayish or Dark Charcoal Color..But I like It now Its not My Everyday Choice of  Lipstick but If I'm Ever Filling Bold and Outrageous This Will be My Turn to Lipstick.. So Here The Pictures and Info on Lipstick Below!!!  Click Here For MACCOSMETICS!!

                                                     Click HERE FOR VIDEO REVIEW!!!

ELF Makeup REview !!

Hey I know you guys love a good Makeup Review and Lately Ive Been Into doing Them..Now This is a Video on the Elf 100 Palette Its NEW Better Than Last Years... Which To Me was Very Washed out And Plain Here's Pictures of the NEW and OLD Palettes!!!

 HERE'S The 2012  100 Palette!!

 HERE'S The 2011 100 Palette!!


My Favorite Makeup Essentials!

I Love Different Types Of Handy Essentials..That Really Comes in Great handy when your at your Makeup Vanity..So More info In The Video!!

                                     Click Here Fore Video !!!


Favorite MAC Fall / Winter Blushes

As alot of you guys may Know Fall is HERE ! Winter is Right Around The Corner. I Theres Nothing I like More Than Fall. So Heres a Glimpse at Some if not Most Of the Blushes I will Wear This Fall and Winter!! Some I'm already Wearing Currently. LOL So Here The Video!

1. Style Seeker Collection~ Hidden Treasure ( Satin Rust Read )
2. Style Seeker Collection~Worldy Wealth ( Gold Shimmer )
3. Heavenly Creature Collection~ Stratus ( Minerailze Shimmer Purple/ Gold)
4. Glamour Daze Collection ~ Small Vanity (Nude Light Shimmer )
5. MAC Office Hours Collection~ External Sun ( Nude Pro Long Wear)

                                                                                        Click Here For Video Link!


Duck Nail Tip Tutorial !!

Hey I know you ladies Been Waiting on a Tutorial To My Duck Nail Tips!! SO Here Ya go !! I'm So Happy To be able to Get this up to you Guys!! Really Excited !! I love doing My own nails Since I Have Gotten So Good At them.. I'm not saying Im the Best But I have gotten Better!!



MAC Winter Collection 2012

I'm So Excited about This New MAC Collection!! I love the Fact That MAC is getting into Purples For The Winter. Im Over the Pinks I Really like this Collection Jus The thought of Adding Purples To My Collection Is Pure Love!! As You Guys Know I LOVE MAC Blushes and Lipsticks So To Get My Hands On Purple Blushes and Lipstick Is Pure Excitement!! Now I notice Last Year MAC Did alot of Different Collections With Purples Such as The Surfer Baby ,Wonder Woman, Seasonally Supreme Etc. So Just To get Back into the Purples Is so Cool!!!
This Collection is Called MAC TASTE OF Temptation!!

Nocturnal Instincts
Mid-tone greyed lavender
Night Blooming Mid-toned blue pink
Seductive Intent Vivid purple
SRP $15.00 US/$18.00 CDN

Mid-tone shimmering lilac
Good Times Pale mauve
Revenge is Sweet Vivid purple
SRP $15.00 US/$18.00 CDN

For Fun
Rich clean purple
Blue Gaze Dark periwinkle
SRP $16.00 US/$19.00 CDN

False Black
SRP $20.00 US/$23.50 CDN

Deep smoked violet with red pearl
Waveline Navy blue with low level gold pearl
SRP $15.00 US/$18.00 CDN

Taste Temptation
Look at the Eyes
Light Violet (frost)
Naval Navy blue (veluxe pearl)
Stay Sultry Deep navy (satin)
Carbon Intense black (matte)
SRP $40.00 US/$47.50 CDN

Pale shimmering lavender (frost)
Passionately Tempted Mid-tone magenta (satin)
SRP $20.00 US/$24.00 CDN

Pointed Liner SRP $19.00 US/$22.50 CDN
129 Powder/Blush SRP $35.00 US/$42.00 CDN

Face of The Day!!

I know How you Girls Love Face of the Days!! Now With My New Mac Eyeshadows Which I did a Haul Video on I will post a link to the Video Below!!! I absolutley Love My New MAC Eyeshadows as you Girls Know I've Never Really Been a MAC EYEShadow Girl..I've Always liked MAC Blushes and Their Lipsticks,Lipglasses Etc.  So Now Im Getting Really Into Their Eyeshadows Hopefully Soon I'll Have My MAC PRO Card So I can Get a Better Discount When It comes to Them..But Anyways All Products I used I will list Below!!


Outer Crease- Mac:Embark
Upper Crease- Mac:Red Brick
Lid- WetnWild:Nutty E/S

ღ Foundation- MAC C8 Studio Fix
Also I used Maybelline Dream Mouse Caramel
ღ Contour-Ben Nye Banana Powders!!
ღ Blush- MAC Office Hours: Enternal Sun

ღ MAC Lipglee In Now in Season L/E

Thanks..For Coming and Checking Me Out ..Kisses MUAH!!!
As Always: Stay Pretty InSide & Out!!

MAC Haul Ladies!!

HEy Ladies I Know how you guys love MAC and I'm Starting to Collect Mac Eyeshadows!! Now Ive always been a MAC Blush and Lipstick Fan. But Im now Trying to get into MAC Eyeshadows.. So Heres a Video on My NEW EYESHADOWS!! Im So Excited! Thanks.. For Suporting ME!!


Maybelline BB Cream !!

THis is a REview on the Maybelline BB Cream!! How Ever im not to excited about this one!! It's No Doubt a Great BB Cream But Its just not nothing that I was just too Excited about it once I Tried it More Info about the BB CReam in My Video Below !! As always Thanks.. For Supporting me !!