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BarbieTeaTime: Duck Nail Tip Haul

Duck Nails, Duck Bill Nails, Duck Feet Nails, Fan Nails, Flare Nails... This look has many names. Although we are NOT a fan of this trend. Duck Nails refer to the flared look of the nail extending from the nail bed to end of the tips. We say 'flared,' but if these were pants, we'd be talking 70's bell bottoms in some cases. Do not make the white tips of the nails too much longer than the pink nail bed. If you do, then the nails are more likely to break, or at least crack in the corner where the two colors meet. Also, every duck nail we have seen has a square tip. The harshness of the square varies, but we have never seen an oval or soft square duck nail.

                                              Click Here For Duck Tip Tutorial Link !!

Trust Me You Will See More Of These Nails..

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