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MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

ONE Of my New FAV Lipsticks!....Now This Lipstick Came From the Newest Collection. Shop/Cook/Mac.Its a Very Pretty Matte Pink. ITs a Cross Between Girl About Town.


Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

Inner Eyes-Days And Night Palette-Light Shimmer Pink
Middle-Days and Night Palette-Hot Pink
Outer Crease-Wet N Wild I Heart Matte Palette-Brown
Insurance-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base-Urban Decay -Eden
Blush MAC-Bite Of A Apple


Loreal Hip Jelly Balm

Now MAC Tendertones Reminds me So much of these Loreal HipJelly Balm.


MAC VERA Collection

MAC VERA Collection now I was not Really impressed with this collection but I do like the Pigments/.What about you..

MAC Tendertones MAC COOK Collection

Now These Are Ok..I really did'nt care for these. But I do Like The HUSH-HUSH.  These Really remind Me of the Hip Jelly Balms.. I mean they Have the Same Exact Undertones.But to Sheer for me..