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Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blushers



This My REVIEW on These Blushes..

*Pros:I Love These Blushes I've Read a lot of Reviews That Theses Blushes don't Show Up.Well They Show-Up on me Very Good. I love The Soft Blush Look They Give you when there on your Skin. OK."Natural" Has to Be one of my Fav Blushes When I'm Wearing a Nude Look It Blends in Great underneath any Foundation. "Rose" is a Soft Pink Color I Mean it gives you a Soft Shimmer look Both of them do. They Have a Nice Soft Rosey Smell to Them.. I Def Recommend these to any Girl. Trust me you will LOVE Them.

*Cons: Well There's nothing I have to say BAD about these blushes.I mean They Say there HAPPY BOOSTERS.I don't know how true that Is. The Only thing I'm Happy about when I wear these Blushes is that They LOOK Good. For about $13.00USD You can Get these Def Worth Every PENNY!!!

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