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MAC Next to Nothing Foundation

One of my Favorite Foundations Thus Far Mac Next to Nothing Foundation...

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette First Thoughts??

SO I recently Purchased the UrbanDecay Naked Heat Palette Now Mind you I haven't been Excited about a Palette from Urban Decay In a Long Time... I would have to say at  Since the 2010 Release of the Urban Decay Naked Palette...

SO Let's Get This First Impressions Started... SO originally When I saw this palette I wanted this Palette cause I love Warm Tone Palettes Such as the Melted Dark Matter Stack...SO This Palette is Defiantly an Everyday Palette...

SO with these 12 Warm Tone Hue Palette... I would have to say just off of the bat i Like he Devil and En Fuego....

So Check It Out...


Kylie Sweet Peach Palette Giveaway

Hey loves I love giving back to you guys...SO if Your interested in winning The Newly Kylie Peach Palette!!

Check out My Youtube Chanel


Changed My Makeup NAME and WHY??!!

Hey Love's!! SO as a lot of you may know that I've recently change my name From BLKBARBIEMKEUP to CrystaJLove..

Now i know a lot of you may want to know why?? Well i feel that with any growth of a person you have to let somethings go... My Name was one...I felt like with my name "BlkBarbieMkeUp it was Hindering my audience to one Race.. I want to be a Beauty Blogger for all Races...Plus to make fun of the sitiuation It was Hella Long!! LMAO so if you want to change up somethings for yourself you need to take a look at how somethings are around you... I Love my Name BlkBarbieMkeUp But lets face it i came up with that name when i was like 20 and I'm 29 now!! I've been beauty blogger for 9 years so its time to change somethings up!! I'm happy for that... Thanks for staying Loyal to me!!